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Acclaimed by thousands of avid readers, Readgujarati is the premier source of Gujarati literature spread across the vast spectrum of all genres. With the articles of mostly all eminent writers of the language, readgujarati makes available quality articles in Gujarati literature regularly every day since more than 10 years. With proven track record of providing classic content to the Gujarati reader spread across the globe, being and remaining top notch Gujarati literature site is the motto of Readgujarati.

For its routine expenses, server and hosting charges, site maintenance and other administrative costs, Readgujarati survives only on the advertisements and donations / voluntarily given subscription charges from the readers. It is difficult for us in absence of any of these mediums to survive and bear the cost to run the site. Advertisements given on readgujarati is mutually beneficial to all, wherein the advertisers gets in direct and immediate contact to our reader base spread across the globe and the readers get to benefit by the advertisements that we put. We are very choosy about the ad we select as readgujarati is read by the people of all age groups.

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